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Working groups

Working Groups can be created or may be created or dismantled at any time upon decision of the DLMS UA Board of Directors, with the aim of developing a roadmap for developing the DLMS Standard in a specific market area. Each Working Group reports to the DLMS UA Technical Board.

The creation of a new Working Group requires the participation of a total of 4 members among existing or new DLMS UA Members, with a status greater than or equal to Full Members, whereby at least 1 must be a Promoter Member acting as a sponsor and a second either a Promoter or Advanced Member. The newly created DLMS UA Working Group should be chaired by a Promoter or an Advanced Member.

About the Working Groups

DLMS Working Group Maintenance (MWG)

Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Core DLMS/COSEM specification(Green Book & Blue Book) and ensure cross -working groups’ support.

Its Chair is Mr Milan Kozole (acting - Iskraemeco ) – L_moc__smld--riahc__GWM

Its Convenor is Mr John Cowburn - L_moc__smld--yraterces__GWM


DLMS Working Group Qualification 

Responsible for the development of the Test Plans (Yellow Book), the test tools, and golden devices. With overarching responsibility for the Qualification Process used by members to obtain the certification for their products.

Its convenor is Mr Alexander Pelov (Aklio) - L_moc__smld--riahc__GWQ 

Its Secretary is Dr Chris Fitzer - L_moc__smld--yraterces__GWQ 


DLMS Working Group Health Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMSWG)

Responsible for protocols  and Generic Companion Profiles associated with connected measuring and monitoring  remote devices used in Energy & Water strategic infrastructures.

Its Chair is Mr Emilio Consonni (Itron) - L_moc__smld--riahc__GWSMUH 

Its Secretary is Dr Chris Fitzer - L_moc__smld--yraterces__GWSMUH 


DLMS Working Group Smart Metering (SMWG)

Responsible for the development of protocols and Generic Companion Profiles in Energy & Water metering devices.

Its chairman is Mr Peter Jansen (EDF) - L_moc__smld--riahC__GWMS 

Its Secretary is Dr Chris Fitzer - L_moc__smld--yraterces__GWMS 


DLMS Working Group Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCSWG)

Responsible for the development of protocols and Generic Companion Profile embedded into public and residential e-mobility charging stations

Its chairman is Toufann Chaudhuri  (Green Motion) -  L_moc__smld--riahc__GWSCVE 

Its Secretary is Dr Chris Fitzer - L_moc__smld--yraterces__GWSCVE